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How to Activate a Used iPhone

July 25, 2017

It’s really exciting when you afford to buy an iPhone of your choice at a second-hand price that eventually helps you save the hard earned money. But, many of them like get screwed up when it comes to activating the device. iPhone device asks to unlock iCloud account that includes Apple Id and password without which it is not possible to use the iOS device.

As there an embedded feature in Apple iPhone device like Find my iPhone service, which is known as activation lock. It is actually a security measure to protect the data theft. The person, who actually steal it get it away from the crime he has conducted by selling the iPhone device for some money. The activation code has completely changed the scenario.

It is really not possible to search the iPhone user if you have purchased old iPhone device from an online website. Even though if the device has been purchased from the known one, how sure you can be that the user will be giving the login details to you

As it is not easy to unlock iCloud account with authentic login details but still, there is a process to activate the used iPhone device without iCloud login credential. You just need to implement the steps to bypass iPhone activation lock using iCloud

  • Access on the web browser
  • Login with Apple id that is used to activate the phone
  • Click  ‘Find My iPhone’  and then on ‘All devices’
  • Now click  the phone they are selling you
  • Tap on Remove from account to get the device unlocked permanently

What if Home screen or pass code is present?

In case you are using iOS9, start with the process Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings and then enter the required Apple id once prompted. Once the erase process is completed, the phone will be ready for you to activate.

If you are using iOS 10, then on first course, sign out of the iCloud account and then move to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings.


Get Your Recently Purchased iPhone Erased Using iCloud

  1. Type on your web browser
  2. Let the old user login into iCloud account with his Apple id
  3. Click All Devices
  4. Now tap on the phone which is being sold to you.
  5. Erase the phone device by tapping on ‘Remove from account’


Still in case, you are not able to activate your iPhone device using any of the steps mentioned above, then it is highly advised not to go much deep and try to experiment with the things as contacting iCloud customer support can be the best option to fix the issues in a convenient way.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iCloud?

June 24, 2017

Change iCloud Password on a regular basis to keep your Apple ID to keep it safe so that you can restore the backup data when required. Sometimes it happens that we delete contacts unintentionally, but it is really easy to recover deleted contacts from iCloud. Let’s discuss what is iCloud and how it is helpful in recovering deleted contacts in details.

iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service, that Apple Inc. has bestowed to users where they can store data like photos and iOS applications on a remote computer server to download it on computers. Additionally, you can sync the data for email, contacts, calendar, bookmarks, notes, reminders, and photos with the iCloud. You can also backup your iPhone to iCloud wirelessly using iTunes rather than manual transferring. But make sure that you can access to your iCloud account if you want to recover your contacts. In case, you have forgotten an iCloud password and cannot access email, then you need to Reset iCloud Email Password in order to proceed.

Here is How to Recover iPhone Contacts from iCloud Backup?

Follow these easy steps to get the job done without breaking a sweat-

  • Step 1- Choose Recovery mode and then Sign in your iCloud account

Run iPhone Data Recovery and choose ”Recover from iCloud Backup File” mode. Now sign in your iCloud with username and password.

  • Step 2- Choose iCloud backup and then scan

After you sign in successfully, you can see all your iCloud backup files in your account. Before scanning iCloud backup files, download it and click “Scan” when you are done with downloading a file.

  • Step  3- Preview, Recover deleted iPhone contacts

After you finish the scanning process, you can see all your data in the well-organized categories. Now check the contact you want to recover and click on Recover to recover the deleted contact to your iPhone. You can also delete the iCloud backup files download after recovery if you want to do so.

With these three easy and handy steps, you can perform the recovery process of your Phone with the help of iCloud backup. If you feel any kind of unease or difficulty in performing these steps, then you can contact iCloud Technical Helpline Number to get an optimum solution for your problem especially when you need the help on an urgent basis its round the clock service can fix your problem on a real time basis. Other problems related to the use of iCloud account like iCloud password hack, how to reset iCloud account can also be fixed easily by taking a reliable technical help for iCloud. 

Get Instant and Online iCloud Support from the Experts

May 13, 2017

It’s very annoying when you get into trouble while accessing an iCloud Email account, then you need to give a call on Apple iCloud support number. It is one of the convenient ways to get immediate support. It will hardly take a few minutes to establish a connection with the experts who are always ready to help you.  An iCloud toll-free number is also available on the web. If you face any technical mishaps while accessing its services such as facing issues while Resetting an iCloud Password, then you can easily take support from the experts.

ICloud is one of the most popular email interfaces accessed by the Apple users on the web. It provides many amazing features for free to its users such as cloud storage, IMAP access and also the web service. It also gives the ability to access free emails through IMAP. It has many unique features such as keyboard shortcuts, etc.  It offers free email account with the 5GB of storage to its clients. You can easily access iCloud on iPhone, iPad, and on all the iOS devices. It is simple to use, but still, it has some limitation.

Frequently Emerging iCloud Issues while Accessing iCloud Mail:

  • Sync iPhone iCloud Backup issues
  • iCloud password reset issues
  • iCloud login issues
  • Inbox or outbox issues
  • iCloud password recovery issues

Here we have mentioned some general issue which you face while accessing the iCloud services. There are many more issues which you face while accessing this app like issues while Unlocking the iCloud Account. To get the best solution for all your iCloud error, go to the Cloud helpdesk page or can also contact iCloud experts by phone.
How to connect with Experts?

So, if your iCloud is not working properly and you’re looking for instant solutions, then, you just need to give a call to the ICloud toll-free number to contact independent service providers for an immediate solution. You can contact anytime from anywhere through the phone to fix all the upcoming errors in your email. The independent service providers consist of a well-experienced customer support team of iCloud to handle any technical mishaps which you are facing while accessing this application. So, the iCloud customer service phone number is the easiest way to get instant support for all your email related problems. So, if you need any type technical assistance for any iCloud related issues, contact iCloud Customer Services anytime from anywhere and get instant support from professionals. We are providing 24x7 iCloud support for any iCloud related issues. 



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